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If you’re looking for an experienced, professional, reputable Amtico flooring cleaning services, then you’ve come to the right place.

Professional Amtico Floor Care, Made Easy.

With over 25 years’ experience and more than 5,000 valued clients, Absolutely Fabulous are experts in Amtico floor cleaning, sealing and restoration.

And we promise you, you’re going to be amazed and extremely proud of your newly restored, beautiful looking Amtico floor.

How do we know?

Well, let us share a secret with you. We’re very proud to have created our 7-step Amtico floor cleaning and sealing process (most companies only use 2 steps). That’s our secret, that’s how you’ll know, when you choose Absolutely Fabulous you’re receiving the highest level of Professionalism needed for your Amtico floor cleaning and sealing to be thorough, long lasting and easier to maintain

Our Absolutely Fabulous 7 Steps To Beautiful Looking Amtico Floors

Step 1 – We evaluate your floor to determine if it is a good candidate for Restoration

Despite its Super-tough finish, it can, over time become scratched and marked by dry soils, dirt and grit, becoming dull looking and lifeless and no amount of diy products and elbow grease is capable of bringing your Amtico flooring back to its original and pristine condition.

When having your Amtico floors professionally cleaned/restored and prior to any final dressings, consideration should be given as to the what type of finish you require. As opposed to the original matt finish, you may prefer a sheen or gloss finish.

Step 2 – Room & Floor Preparation

Due to Health & Safety and insurance restrictions, we respectfully ask you to move all furniture and breakable items from the areas to be restored. On arrival, we will carefully lay protection on flooring not being cleaned/restored when entering or bringing equipment into your premises.

This is followed by meticulous protection of skirting boards and wall coverings, using low tack tape, waterproof plastic and/or waxed paper, preventing the unlikely possibility of any over spray and/or damage to surrounding fixed furnishings.

Step 3 – Vacuum all areas to be treated using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners

Power vacuum entire floor area using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners to ensure the removal of loose dirt and dust, edge nozzles are used around all the edges. Apart from being more powerful (for more efficient extraction) than normal vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters are used to prevent any obnoxious odours being released back into the room. Dry Mopping follows to ensure complete removal of any remaining dust particles.

Step 4 – Removal of any pre-applied treatments

A unique formulated stripping solution is applied to the floor to break down and remove old seal or polish build-up. Then, using various grades of rotary brushes and pads agitate and deep clean the floor surface.

Step 5 – Deep extraction, soil and residue extraction

Using high powered, pressurised rinse extraction machines with enclosed spinning pressure heads, the soil and residues are carefully extracted into enclosed treatment tanks, providing unrivalled cleaning results in readiness for the treatment processes.

Step 6 – Neutralisation of the floor surface

Following the cleaning process, the floor is the neutralised in preparation for the dressing treatments.

Step 7 – Application of the sealing and dressing treatments

Here, a special formulation of reactive polymer Amtico floor sealant (that’s the techie bit) is carefully applied to protect and enhance the flooring prior to application of the final coats of seal. This is followed by application of a number of final dressing seals which require natural drying between coats. This will greatly assist in protecting your floor against any spots and spills becoming permanent marks.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, firstly… Amazing looking floors! But most importantly, beautiful looking floors that are safe and much easier to maintain. All of which, provides you with fantastic, plush floors you can feel proud of; the whole year through.


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