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If you’re looking for ceramic floor tile cleaning services in Berkshire, then you’ve come to the right place.

Professional Ceramic Floor Care, Made Easy.

Ceramic tiles are usually very easy to clean, but engrained dirt and sticky residues in the grout lines are the main reason many of our clients call us. Unfortunately, not all Ceramic tiles are made equal.

Some factories are more concerned with quantity rather than quality. The tiles may not have been fired at the right temperature, or they may not have been fired for the right length of time.

When this happens, the surface can be slightly porous. Unfortunately, surface porosity is not always obvious, until you need to clean a build-up of surface dirt!

But not all is lost. Our specialist ceramic floor tile cleaning service can get deep into the fine pores and remove ingrained dirt without causing any damage. And, we have all the equipment and needed to bring your ceramic tiles and grout back to their original beauty.

A Stunning Finish, Every Time.

Once we have cleaned, neutralised and dried the tiles and grout, we can apply impregnating sealers to help prevent the tiles and grout from getting dirty again.

Do you have grout haze on your ceramic tiles?

Professional floor tilers will use a phosphoric acid wash to remove grout haze from the surface of rough-faced ceramic tiles. The wash does not harm the ceramic and it dissolves the grout haze, making it easier to rinse off.

However, where the ceramic tiles are made to mimic stones like sandstone or have a slip-resistant finish, some grout haze can remain. This may not be apparent immediately and may take a few months to become visible.

Old grout haze is not easy to remove unless you have the right equipment and cleaners.

So, to request a quote for ceramic floor tile cleaning services in Berkshire, fill in the quick and easy form on this page or call us FREE on 0330 111 0119

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