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If you’re looking for granite floor cleaning services in Berkshire, then you’ve come to the right place.

How to clean granite? and How to polish granite? are two of the most popular questions we are asked. Granite is a beautiful flooring material. It’s hard wearing, resistant to staining and available in a vast range of colours from deep black to mottled grey, to mottled white. However, after years of use, the shine on granite floors disappears through scratches, scuffs, old wax sealers and old polishes.

Sand and grit can scratch the granite surface like sandpaper. Unprotected furniture legs will make deep scratches when they are dragged across the floor.

Specialists in cleaning granite and polishing granite:

To help you keep the original look, our specialist granite polisher will make your floor look beautifully glossy, giving you a “just like new” finish.

At Absolutely Fabulous Stone Floor Cleaning, we can restore all types of granite floor tiles to their beautiful original glossy finish.

With specialist cleaning, grinding and polishing, you can have the deep gloss your floor had when it was first installed.

To help you keep the original look we have sealers and polishes so you can enjoy your floors for years to come.

So, to request a quote for granite floor cleaning in Berkshire, fill in the quick and easy form on this page or call us FREE on 0330 111 0119

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