Limestone Floor Cleaning in Maidenhead, Berkshire

Limestone floor cleaning in Maidenhead by - 0330 111 0119
January 2nd, 2018

Our client asked for limestone floor cleaning in Maidenhead. During our initial survey we discovered it was a tumbled travertine type of limestone, a good quality limestone floor tile used in many of our clients kitchens and utility rooms. This type of limestone/travertine is usually filled with grout, which looks fabulous when new, but with family use and/or where dogs are part of the family,

the tile and especially the grout filling is where the dirt collects. On this particular floor the existing sealant had broken down over the years, so we advised the best way to restore the floor back to it’s “as new” condition, was to strip the remaining sealant, thoroughly clean the floor and apply an effective good quality limestone tile and grout sealant. This image shows part way through the limestone floor cleaning process as we reached the threshold of the door.

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