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If you’re looking for a local, professional marble stone floor cleaning and polishing service in Berkshire from a trusted, reputable company, then you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve probably tried everything to clean your marble floor.

Mopped it with an off the shelf cleaner, scrubbed it with a brush or even used a steam mop, hoping it would bring back the original shine, but we’re guessing none of it has worked and over time your marble stone floor has gotten duller and the grout has gotten dirtier and dirtier.

Once your floor has a build up of residues or has so many tiny surface scratches that it has lost its shine, it needs fully stripping back by a professional. That’s where we can help, using our top of the range equipment, a vast array of knowledge and training for marble floor cleaning and polishing, we can totally transform your marble tiled floors back to their original condition. Honed or polished to a mirror shine, it’s your choice

How We Clean Your Marble floors

Rest assured, we follow the most thorough 12 step deep cleaning process to ensure your marble stone floors and grout are cleaned and polished to the highest standards.

From protecting the surrounding area, to the initial stripping of any existing sealants, waxes or polishes, through the cleaning and polishing process, to the final coats of sealant being applied; each piece of equipment we use is designed to ensure maximum efficiency, with the absolute minimum of mess possible for this type of work.

Once we have finished, the only way you’ll know we’ve been in your home or business is that your floor will look Absolutely Fabulous.

So, to request a marble floor cleaning/polishing quote in Berkshire, fill in the quick and easy form on this page or call us FREE on 0330 111 0119

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