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If you’re looking for Travertine tile cleaning services in Berkshire, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Absolutely Fabulous Stone Floor Cleaning, we use traditional and modern methods to return your Travertine tile flooring back to its original pristine condition.

Berkshire’s most trusted floor cleaners

With many years in the industry, we’ve developed a tried, tested and perfected method for Travertine Cleaning in Berkshire – delivering exceptional results, as standard. Our fresh approach and innovative method for travertine floor care addresses blemishes, overcomes scratches and completely eradicates dullness – replacing it with the high shine, sheen or honed/matt finish that you would choose for your tiled floors.

Craftsmen of our trade, with genuine expertise built on years of experience, we consistently deliver industry-leading travertine tile floor cleaning and travertine tile restoration.

Travertine floor cleaning, done properly.

Travertine floors can be breathtakingly beautiful, but these beautiful natural stone floors are not without their issues. Over time, they can lose their sheen, suffer scratches and may succumb to blemishes. Ultimately this impacts upon the once perfect image of your home or commercial premises.

However travertine floor cleaning and polishing is often an underestimated task; if you’ve attempted to tackle these issues yourself, you’re likely to be aware that the original sealant, shine and impeccable look of your floors are seemingly impossible to recreate. This is where we come in, as we are able to restore your travertine tile floors back to their original beauty.

A step-by-step Travertine polishing process

The secret to effective travertine tile cleaning and polishing involves three elements; state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, industrial-grade materials and a specialist team of tradespeople who know their craft inside out.

Our travertine cleaning technicians pay special attention to your grout lines (which have usually become discoloured and unsightly), returning them to their original colour. And once your Travertine tiles and grout are clean, we seal your floors with a robust, odour-free impregnating sealant. For you, this simply means it will help stop the penetration of dirt, water and oil-based spillages and help keep your floor to stay cleaner and easy to maintain for much longer.

We clean and renovate all travertine floor types including Tumbled travertine, filled and honed travertine and polished travertine.

Services include:

Travertine Deep cleaning of travertine tiles and grout

Travertine Diamond cleaning and re-finishing

Travertine Hole and crack repairs and filling

Travertine Honing and Polishing

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