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If you’re looking for professional victorian floor tile cleaning in Berkshire, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you lucky enough to have moved into your new home with an original Victorian tiled floor? Or have you just lifted your carpet or lino and discovered one underneath?

The Victorian floor tiles are laid in beautiful geometric repeating patterns, often with elaborate borders. The main challenge with cleaning Victorian floor tiles is to remove years of oils, polishes, waxes and ingrained dirt without damaging the actual floor tile.

You may be lucky enough to have encaustic tiles like this:

Encaustic tiles have patterns in them made from a thin layer of clay. This type of tile is very common in churches and major buildings like the houses of parliament.

Poor cleaning WILL cause permanent damage

Aggressive cleaning can take the surface off your tiles. Victorian floor tiles are made of natural clay, which is relatively soft. Aggressive cleaning using abrasive pads or wire brushes can remove the surface of the tile. Encaustic tiles are at particular risk because you can quickly wear away the pattern, permanently damaging the encaustic tile, as well as spoiling the whole look of the floor

High-pressure cleaning will wash the grout away.

Victorian tiles have a fine grout. Over the years the grout usually degrades to a point where it can be washed away. It’s certainly not strong enough to withstand high-pressure cleaning and the grout is usually the only thing keeping the tiles in place as the adhesive may have broken down years ago. The last thing you want to do is have to lift the floor and have it re-laid.

Don’t let water soak into the sub-floor:

Water is essential in the cleaning of Victorian tiled floors, but you must ensure not to let water soak into the subfloor. If too much water is allowed to soak into the subfloor, it may expand and lift the tiles!

We have the experience, equipment and access to the cleaning products necessary to clean and restore heavily soiled Victorian tiled floors without causing permanent damage.

Sealing Victorian floor tiles:

Original Victorian tiles were usually sealed with boiled linseed oil. While the oil enhances the colour of the floor, it needs regular application and over the years the oil oxidises and starts to dull the colours.

Applying linseed is also a hazardous job. Today we have access to modern sealers that are safer, easier to apply and offer a greater amount of protection.

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